Where To Dock Your Yacht In Miami, Options

If you are looking to dock your yacht when visiting Miami, you are spoilt for choice. Miami, with its open coastal waters and inland connected rivers, make the perfect place to dock your boat while conducting business or pleasure in the city. Depending on your preferences, there is a number of options depending on whether you want to be closer to the city, or closer to open water. Leave it to First Mates Miami to show you the way around!

If you are wanting to be closer to the city in the calmer water you have a choice of river-based docks, with the River Cove Marina being one of these options. If the open waters being your dock of preference there is the Miami Beach Marina or the Sunset harbor yacht club to name a few. there is a range of nightlife activities surrounding both depending on how long you intend being on shore. If you are wanting t dock just to spend the night then the yacht Miami yacht charterclub may be the best option as it comes as a fully featured report lifestyle complete with pools.

Depending on your needs, you may be looking for a berth in a dock that has experienced deck hands to undertake refueling, maintenance, stock replenishment and more than the yacht club can compete with the many other options that you have when sailing into Miami. Different docking stations offer various resources and ad-ons you can rent or buy like deck hands, refreshments, alcohol, food, cleaning crew, and more. This is essential when planning a fun day at sea unless you prepare on your own. Miami Beach Marina has a small store at the dock where you can buy these things and pay for a deck hand to join you.

Also, Miami offers many yacht rentals through different companies. Yacht rentals are easy to find and have a variety of options to choose from. Coming to the city without being equipped with a boat is no big deal; they have boats ranging from 20′ to 150′ in size! Our yacht rental Miami team can help you out with finding the best excursion and boat for your group- feel free to reach out through our website and include your phone number. We will give you a call asap and help you discover a different side of Miami through yacht and excursions in the ocean!

Like most things in life, your choice of dock birth will be driven by the reasons that you have sailed to Miami and what your need s will be once you have arrived. Either way, there are a host of choices for you to contemplate and with the internet, you have the opportunity of booking into a dock before you arrive as long as they are not full. Miami is a great place to visit so make sure that when you choose your dock, that it meets each of the needs that you and our crew need.

Go Yacht Fishing in the Keys & Miami, Florida

Yacht fishing in the Florida Keys is one activity you can do with the whole family. If you just want to go out fishing on your own, though, the yacht charter services that are available will make your day out a fantastic one. Many of the best fishing charter companies guarantee that you will catch fish. Now is the time to book your adventure.

Even if the weather is not perfect, the right fishing charter trip can still be a fruitful one. You can catch snapper, yellow tails, marlins, black-fin tuna and more. Check online to see a calendar that covers what fish are around each month of the year. You can book trips starting or ending in the keys, and travel all the way up to Dade and Palm Beach County, depending on how long your excursion is booked for.

yacht charters and yacht rental miamiPlan for a day trip, a night fishing adventure, reef and wreck fishing trips and more. There are many marvelous packages you can book for your trip to the Florida Keys. If you are a seasoned fisherman or a beginner, there is a trip right for you. Many people flock to the Keys so that they can try their hands at Tarpon Fishing. These are available from April to October and are great for beginners because the boats go out in calm waters.

Depending on the time of the year that you go, you can catch some of the bigger fish around. Popular fishing trips include blue water trips where you can get a chance to catch mahi-mahi.

There is nothing like going out for a day or a night of fishing whether you go with the family or you venture out yourself. When you visit the Florida Keys, you have a prime opportunity to catch some of the best fish in the area. There are many different specialty yachts to charter, many different fishing ventures. Take a look at some of the charter companies available and book your visit now; we always suggest looking through the Miami yacht rental companies because they have a wider variety of yachts compared to those located in the Keys.